A TROUBLED MAN finally finds purpose in J. Gregory Street’s poignant new memoir, Horse & Rabbit Stew.

Restless from the start, Street always had a knack for finding trouble. Having made it into college by the skin of his teeth, it isn’t very long before he’s kicked out, and the United States Army takes him in—and off to Vietnam.

There he finds discipline and purpose, launching a military career that seems promising—until he’s charged with a death penalty offense.

Although the charges disappear, Street struggles to adapt to life at home in a world that is nothing like the one he left.

As he wrestles with love, betrayal, and a nagging sense of restlessness, Street immerses himself into his aviation passion. This, along with an emerging sense of his self-sabotage, leads Street to embrace a life he never dreamed was possible.   Look inside!

A gallery containing color photos of the book’s black and white images as well as some images not included in the book may be viewed here.